Sunday, 13 February 2011

Just Do It

put the procrastination away. Just Do It. write what you want. but be systematically. Just Do It

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


All my life working life in real estate field makes me known only conservation and rehalibitation. For building, yes it is a physical things. either you conserve or its going to deterioriate. Funny still, i do not adopt this strategy to my own life. In my so called "panic year" i've come to know the term of preserverance. Looking back deeply, i know that i am lacking of this so called preserverance. But time is the essence. No time to dwell on what is preserverance is all about. My best friend told me - buat aje, redah aje, 1 foot inside, make sure u take both feet and walking high and tall (or piled higher and deeper, PhD).

to answer my other half question, i am lacking of preserverance.

counting days to 14th Feb 2011