Monday, 25 October 2010

How to survive a PhD

I didnt realise that a simple photo uploaded inspires other ppl. I need to retrack back and use the same method to answer the below posting. Oh Allah, please help me, going through this rough journey. Amin

How to Survive a PhD

10% of a PhD is down to brains, 10% luck and 80% is stubbornness and perseverance. Unless you really, really want it, you’re going to have a tricky time.

1. The first thing, and this is really vital, is to make sure you understand the project. You need to be able to explain every single experiment to your mum/10 year old cousin and have them understand you. “Because my supervisor told me to” is not a valid answer in the viva! A great tip for getting to grips with your project is to give regular talks, plus you could try entering writing competitions aimed at PhD students, even if your writing isn’t that great.

2. Read the literature. Don’t leave that massive pile of papers till the week before your viva, as you’ll probably find out that someone else has already done the same thing as you back in 1978. And it will probably have been your examiner who did it. You have to be the world’s expert on your project, even if it is just an obscure earthworm protein that only 3 people have ever heard of.

3. Read around the literature. Keep some perspective on your project and keep in mind why it is important in the big scheme of things. A malaria vaccine is great, but if you don’t know the name of the little buzzy thing that transmits the parasite, then you’ll fail the viva! If you have an opinion on the latest news in your field, you’ll impress your examiners by showing that you care about your subject area outside of the test tube.

4. Have your own ideas. Your boss won’t think of everything and if you’re not correcting/arguing with them by the end of your 3/4 years, you might have problems when your examiners start asking difficult questions. If you read enough papers, you’ll come up with great suggestions for developing your project.

5. Be focused. Your thesis should tell a story – have clear goals in your mind and stick to them. All the proper controls and repeats are far more important than having tried to cure HIV, TB and the common cold all at once. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket – try to use different methods to confirm results and be aware of all the strengths and shortcomings of different techniques.

6. Be critical. If something goes wrong, chances are it was something you did. I demonstrated for an undergraduate cloning practical where the students believed they were cloning a gene into a vector, when in actual fact we had given them uncut plasmid and water in all the reagent tubes. Yet 20% still got no colonies on their transformation plates and blamed it on the ligase. Be 100% sure it wasn’t your fault before you claim to have disproved DNA and always look for alternative explanations.

7.Talk to others. Force your boss have regular meetings to discuss the overall direction of your work but rely on other lab members and fellow PhD students for day to day support. Not only does this mean there is always someone to sit with you in the disabled toilet while you while you cry over another failed Northern blot, but they might also be able to help with a new technique or come up with some vital control that you’ve missed.

8. Be organised. Write to-do lists and tick them off as you go along. Always write up your lab book every night (not at the end of the week), whether your experiments have worked or not. If you one day decide to sell your soul to industry, you will be forced to keep lab books in such excruciating detail that you will horrified if you haven’t got into the habit of recording everything. When you begin, start a freezer stock, primer and clone recording system and stick to it. Treat every gel as if it is a world-changing result and take its photo. Because if things don’t work out to plan, you’re going to end up writing up using those failed gels to illustrate your thesis.

9. Know when to stop. You’re boss will probably let you slog away for an extra year with no money if you give him the chance. You don’t have to do everything – one of the aims of a PhD is to turn you into an independent researcher, so have a look at the work of post-docs in your lab and use them as a gauge of how well you are doing. Remember to bear in mind that most people run over 3 years and you will have to be pretty lucky to have done enough within the scheduled time. A rough estimate is that you’ll need to work twice as hard as the post-docs in your lab for at least 3 years to be able to breeze through that viva!

10. Don’t expect too much. Everyone says this, and every PhD student refuses to believe them, but you really don’t need amazing results to pass (at least not in the UK were you can get through the viva without any positive results at all)! There isn’t any magic secret that you’re told at the end of your viva that makes every experiment from then on work perfectly. Examiners will understand that sometimes proteins just really want to turn themselves into an insoluble mess and refuse to be refolded. So long as you have done everything in a logical order and thoroughly explored each failed experiment, then you’ll be fine.


Monday, 30 August 2010

bersama kuah satay

♥Kuah Satay™


Disajikan bersama satay goreng dan juga satay biasa.

Bahan-bahan ( untuk seberapa banyak satay yg ada )

* 300 g kacang tanah - sangar dan kisar kasar
* 100 g gula pasir
* 150 g gula merah
* 40 g asam jawa
* 1 sk garam dan 1 sk kunyit serbuk
* 2 biji buah keras*
* 1 sb ketumbar biji - sangar*
* 1 sk jintan kasar - sangar *
* 1 sk jintan halus - sangar *
* 2 hiris lengkuas *
* 2 hiris halia muda *
* 20 tangkai cili kering *
* 7 ulas bawang merah *
* 5 ulas bawang putih *
* 7 batang serai - hiris *
* 20 g udang kering *
* 1 cawan minyak masak


1. Satukan gula merah dan asam jawa,diramas dgn secukup air utk mendapatkan 500 g air asam, bancuh kacang tanah kisar dan gaul rata.
2. Kisar halus bahan2 bertanda *
3. Panaskan minyak di dlm periuk dan tumis bahan kisar hingga garing dan masukkan gula,garamdankunyit serbuk dan kacau rata.
4. Masukkan bancuhan air asam dan kacang tadi ke dlm bahan yg ditumis. Masak atas api perlahan hingga keluar minyaknya.

satay goreng

dah tgk, copy and paste, kena buat ni:

♥Satay Goreng™


Satay yg tk perlu dicucuk dan dibakar,hanya menggoreng aje tetapi rasa tetap same.Sesuai utk juadah hari lebaran dan juga rumah terbuka.

Created on : 05-09-2008


E-mail kepada kawan

Tulis Laporan


Bahan-bahan ( 10 orang )

  • 1 kilo daging kambing/lembu/ayam - cuci dan tos, dipotong nipis dan kecil.
  • 150 g gula pasir
  • 100 g gula merah
  • 100 g madu, 2 sk garam
  • Bahan berikut hendaklah dikisar tapi jgn terlalu halus :-
  • 3 sb ketumbar biji - sangar
  • 2 sk jintan halus - sangar
  • 1 sb lada sulah biji
  • 6 ulas bawang putih
  • 1/2 jari halia
  • 2 hiris lengkuas
  • 4 batang serai - hiris
  • 1/2 jari kunyit hidup


  1. Gaulkan bahan2 kisar pd daging bersama gula,garam dan madu hingga rata dan perap 1 jam atau boleh disimpan dlm petisejuk semalaman.
  2. Panaskan minyak secukupnya dan goreng daging hingga empuk.Masukkan 1/2 senduk lagi minyak dan goreng lagi hingga kering(saya biarkan naik minyak dan basah2 sedikit).
  3. Hidangkan dgn kuah,timun,ketupat dan bawang.
  4. Untuk kuah satay - http:/

Tragedi 27th August 2010

27th Aug 2010 - tragedy

I cant help it.
its just come like that.
panic has triggered it all.
tears running and not stopping.
over things that blogging my mind.
oh why and what i've landed myself into.
but the end, would be the good deed for mankind
is it not for me? ohh dwell into the matter and takes charge in your hand. is all in your hand.
subjective and objective linger still
oh well, need to start all over again.
comes spirit, wherever you may be
please be with me, forever still.
let the tears, falling with grace
for something worth millions and treasured all life
ohh tears, come what you may
but only once, let the spirit guide your way.

Ulster Uni, 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dateline and writing

its always a scariest time and day of my life. 27th August is the ultimate, after been given so many chances to submit things. apparently, i breached the dateline given to me. What ppl been advice me is 100% right. You need to write everyday. need to write. write all the craps first then edit. write, write, write.

My big worries, i didnt write at all. how can i submit without any fresh writing. didnt read, didnt write. if only fb n yahoo can be a legal prove written document to grant me something, i think that i've already being confer with 2,3 PhD probably.

Enough. time to write. Do solat taubat, do solat hajat. do isthikarah and with the name of Allah, the most gracious, Bismillahirrahmanirahim....i am writing my section, 3.2 evolution of urban regeneration. So help me Allah, i want to write....

1. definition
2. evolution
3. urban policies
4. whats economic, physical and social decay meant in regeneration and its evolution.......

I will write...write and continuing writing. Bismillahirahhma ni rahim...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Kumpulan Darah A

I would say, dont blame me for being cold, tough and serious, its all in the blood....hahaha...something to ponder.

Untuk Sabariah Eni memiliki golongan darah A, berikut ini penjelasannya :- Berkepala dingin, serius, sabar dan kalem atau cool.: See more- Karakter yang tegas, bisa di andalkan dan dipercaya namun keras kepala.: See more- Sebelum melakukan sesuatu mereka memikirkannya terlebih dahulu. Dan merencanakan segala sesuatunya secara matang, sungguh-sungguh dan konsisten.: See more- Berusaha membuat diri mereka se wajar dan ideal mungkin.: See more- Kelihatan menyendiri dan jauh dari orang-orang.: See more- Mencoba menekan perasaan mereka dan karena sering melakukannya mereka terlihat tegar. Meskipun sebenarnya mereka mempunya sisi yang lembek seperti gugup dan lain sebagainya.: See more- Mereka cenderung keras terhadap orang-orang yang tidak sependapat. Makanya mereka cenderung berada di sekitar orang-orang yang ber´temperamen´ sama.: See moreMore Details: Click Here

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Welcome Ramadhan Kareem August, 2010

Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan,
Bulan yang penuh barakah, bulan yang mulia. Untuk ke dua kalinya, aku berpuasa di Belfast. Bulan Ramadhan dimulakan dengan tazkirah Ramadhan oleh Ustaz Faiszal yang diadakan di rumah An/Dr Saiful. Pengisian diadakan dengan mengetahui apakah makna As Syiam itu sendiri dan juga pemakanan yang sepatutnya diambil semasa berbuka dan bersahur. Almaklum, puasa kali ni, jatuh ada waktu summer, 17 jam berpuasa. bersahur jam 3am, dan berbuka jam 9.10pm.

Barangkali di Malaysia, amat pelik kedengaran. Malahan sahabat handai mengucapkan selamat berjaya untuk mengharungi 17 jam berpuasa. Namun hakikatnya tidak la seteruk 17 jam yang dibayangkan di Msia itu. Cuaca di belfast amat indah, dengan keadaan suhu 15C - 17C. Siang yang cerah, namun tetap dingin dek tiupan angin sejuk. tidak terasa panas, atau dahaga melampau jika dibandingkan dengan Malaysia. letih mengantuk, perkara biasa. mungkin kerana malam terlalu pendek.

Aku memulakan Ramadhan dengan berbuka di office. tujuanku hanya satu, untuk menyiapkan penulisan PhD. tetiba mendapat sms dari Farid, mengatakan solat teraweh akan diadakan di Surau University of Ulster. Alhamdulillah. aku berazam untuk stay terus. Solat isya dan teraweh berjemaah. malam pertama, 8 rakaat teraweh, sampai jam 11.30m. Malam ke 2, sampai jam 12 malam. Malam ke 3, sampai lewat juga, kerana ada ulasan mengenai sejarah Nabi Yaakob, Nabi Sulaiman dan Nabi Musa AlahiSallam. Secara jujur, tidak pernah semua ini kulakukan di Malaysia. Aku bersyukur ya Allah, dapat aku merasai kenikmatan sebegini, dan bersama2 rakan2 lain beramal, belajar surah mu, bertadarus, dan belajar mengenali nabi2 Mu, dan rasul2 Mu, Ya Allah.

Niat dan doa ku Ya Allah, permudahkan lah serta segerakan aku dalam urusan pengajian ku. Permudahkan lah penulisan ku, permudahkan lah data collection ku, permudahkan urusan ku semuanya, jodoh ku, rezeki ku, ketetapan iman ku, hidup ku dan mati ku dalam keadaan Husnul Khatimah.

Doa ku, ya Allah, Allahuma Balighna Ramadhan (3X).
semoga aku berkesempatan untuk merasai nikmat mu, di Ramadhan akan datang.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

mari kita buat kek pisang

kek Pisang menjadi satu komoditi yang mahal di sini. tak ada dijual di Tesco, Asda, atau mana2 la. Kegemaran ku apabila memakan kek adalah dgn mencicahnya dgn air teh. Rahma, my egyptian friend here already knows my way of eating cakes or biscuits. Kalau kat malaysia, main tengok aje la, ye la senang nak dapat. kat sini, kena la buat sendiri...huhu, anak omak pandai yooo buat kek...hehehe. nanti la. tgh ada dateline. plus, bahan2 pun ada kat dapur...siapkan kerja sekolah dulu la. lagi 2/3 hari nanti, baru buat.

Bahan-bahan ( saiz biasa )

  • 7 biji pisang berangan
  • 1 cawan minyak masak
  • 2 sudu kecil soda bikarbonat
  • 5 biji telur
  • 2 cawan gula halus
  • 1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
  • 3 cawan gandum


  1. Blender kan pisang, minyak dan soda bikarbonat sampai lumat
  2. Gunakan mixer untuk pukul telur dan gula. Masukkan bersama esen vanilla (boleh juga di blend)
  3. Masukkan pisang yang telah di blend ke dalam bancuhan telur dan gula
  4. Akhir sekali masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit. Kacau hingga rata
  5. Masukkan dalam acuan. Bakar selama 25-30 minit, suhu 180 C

crucial time

Time is crucial. Time is gold. Time is priceless.

Time and tide waits for no man.......sounds scary eh. why these phrases seems didnt have a big impact? am i being too bold enough of not taking any good action towards achieving my goals. or am i really in comfort zone? or where does the spirits gone to. may Allah have mercy on me to get me through. I am drowning with laziness. I am drowning with my own world. Please pull me up, get back the spirit and do what is suppose to be done.

Go go.....Chapter 3 - Get it done and over with.......I will

Monday, 26 July 2010

kuih kasui

Baru kelmarin dapat makan kuih talam ubi yg disediakan oleh An. tq An. borak2 dgn zila, bercakap pasal kuih kasui. nampak senang, bahan pun mudah, tapi susah nak dapat. nak buat tak pandai, tambah pengukus pun tak ada. dari dulu rasanya teringin nak makan kuih kasui. dari parit raja, ke kl, sampai la ke UK ni. masa balik tahun lepas, bukannya tak makan, tapi yg dibeli 3 singgit tu, tak de rasa umphhh. tak ada rasa lemak santan nya, rasa tepung lagi banyak, keras pulak tu. tambah pulak kelapa tu macam dah kering aje. bukannnya gunakan parutan kelapa yg elok. Banyak cakap aje ye....tapi bayangkan aje la, kita kan dah keluarkan duit. kalau tak dibuat dgn betul2, kan saja je jadi fitnah dan umpatan orang...itu la kes kuih kasui. Bottom line, I want kuih kasui....huhuhu
Out of the blue, i am starting my deardiary blog.......whats in it...dont know...we'll see