Sunday, 2 September 2012

Salam Eidul Fitri and Indipendence Day 2012

its been long since i am writing into this blog. nevertheless nobody is following my story. its only me and my private thoughts.

Salam eidul fitri everyone. this is my 3rd year celebrating eid in Belfast. nothing that i regret off. its just another happy days in life achievement. way to celebrate? having an open house sponsored by 4 families. made sambal tumis telur tak pedas for the event. hahaha. actually i cook very spicy n lots of chilies. considering that most ppl cant take my spiciness i have to dump in loads of brown sugar and white sugar. ewwww, but happy that everyone like it very much. Lonton Johor style, we ate nasi impit, kuah lodeh and sambal tumis ikan bilis.

sambal tumis ikan bilis teur for Eid 2012

looks fab n

there are many things commemorate my Eid 2012:

  • in the midst of supervisory meeting
  • after turmoil or autumn in my heart for my performance seen by supervisor, things turns out ok after
  • in the midst of corrections, re-structuring, re-writing, re- everything..hahaha
go go sab. the end is near.