Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dateline and writing

its always a scariest time and day of my life. 27th August is the ultimate, after been given so many chances to submit things. apparently, i breached the dateline given to me. What ppl been advice me is 100% right. You need to write everyday. need to write. write all the craps first then edit. write, write, write.

My big worries, i didnt write at all. how can i submit without any fresh writing. didnt read, didnt write. if only fb n yahoo can be a legal prove written document to grant me something, i think that i've already being confer with 2,3 PhD probably.

Enough. time to write. Do solat taubat, do solat hajat. do isthikarah and with the name of Allah, the most gracious, Bismillahirrahmanirahim....i am writing my section, 3.2 evolution of urban regeneration. So help me Allah, i want to write....

1. definition
2. evolution
3. urban policies
4. whats economic, physical and social decay meant in regeneration and its evolution.......

I will write...write and continuing writing. Bismillahirahhma ni rahim...

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