Thursday, 22 August 2013

Giant Causeway - i promise

 this is Giant Causeway. a must see and beautiful scenery for Northern Ireland. pictures can be taken but its for you to embrace the cool breeze air, especially during summer. no words to describe but i am glad that am here. Tales being told, that the Giant is waiting for his bride from Scotland. due to the anger for something, has makes the causeway like this. well thats the tales only.
Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland - eid mubarak 2013, 9th Aug 2013
I have my own tales too. I came here for the first time in after 3 months i land myself in Northern Ireland. believe or not, my supervisor brought me there. during that time, i am in such a high spririt vowed that i can finish my PhD in 3 years, lest when i am near to finish, i will come again to Giant Causeway to fulfill my promise. Alas, the journey took longer than its anticipated. 5 wholesome years. with full of tears of course. no sweat (i am not sweating in this cold country). FYI, when i took this journey (9th Aug 2013), i have already submitted my form to research office -"Intention to submit". in a way, i am fulfilling my promise, i will come and visit Giant Causeway when am about to finish. there you go. currently, i am stuck, really stuck and have a heavy pain in my chest for sadness only me to know..
me and the giant and gigantic stone after the volcano erupted in Giant Causeway

SADNESS is heavily correlated when the thesis not yet completed. there, i've said it all :).

happy days
22th Aug 2013
stuck in the hostel room, suppose to write thesis, instead updating my blog

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